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02Jun 18

Why men need massages too?

Everybody needs a massage. But men often don’t get massages as frequently as they should. Here are 10 reasons why men should be getting massages. Workout recovery – Massage is a necessity for…

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09May 18

The Myths and Facts of Electrolysis

Having first been used for permanent hair removal way back in 1875, Electrolysis is still going strong and is perhaps the beauty industry’s best-kept secret. Over the years its effectiveness…

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06Mar 18

Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

I have been a beauty therapist trained in massage for over 20 years and recently have trained specifically to do pregnancy massage in Somerset. Below are some of the wonderful…

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11Oct 17

5 Benefits of a Intimate Wax

Get your intimate area waxed by Natural Beauty can be a "treat to yourself" even if at the time you dont think it, here are 5 top reasons to brave booking:…

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