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For those that’s never had an intimate waxing treatment, it can be a daunting thought! I use only the very best hot wax, designed to grip the hair, not the skin. And following professional techniques for intimate waxing to make it as pain-free and professional as possible.

When it comes to style, there are different options so let me clarify exactly what each style of waxing is, how it’s conducted and the results you can expect.


The bikini wax is a traditional intimate waxing treatment removing hair from outside the bikini line, leaving hair on the front. The best way to describe it is the area left with hair is in the shape of an upside down triangle. The area round to the bottom is not waxed.


The very popular Brazilian wax treatment removes all hair from the bikini line area, leaving a small vertical strip of hair on the front, the area round to the bottom area is also waxed.


The Hollywood wax treatment is another popular choice, completely removing all hair from the front round to the bottom area, completely removing all hair from the female region.

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