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Why men need massages too?

Everybody needs a massage. But men often don’t get massages as frequently as they should. Here are 10 reasons why men should be getting massages.

  1. Workout recovery – Massage is a necessity for men who play physical sports. Massage not only eases the onset of muscle soreness but can speed healing by boosting the body’s circulatory and immune system.
  2. Mood boost – Men are less likely to seek help when they’re feeling blue. While massage is not a substitute for more substantial mood therapies, the serotonin boost provided by massage can lift the blues and improve mental outlook.
  3. Not manly – Men sometimes avoid getting a massage because they don’t want to go to a traditional spa and sip cucumber water while listening to the airy vocalizations of waterfalls.  But don’t worry Natural Beauty Massage takes place at our secluded beauty room.
  4. Fewer gray hairs – Massage can alleviate physical symptoms of stress, like a headache and high blood pressure, which can affect men as they age.
  5. Cure desk stiffness – Men often suffer from back and neck pain, caused by riding a desk all day or repetitive injury. A massage can ease back and neck pain — plus, it feels great.
  6. Be comfortable in your own skin – Normal male body reactions are totally fine in a massage. Men avoid massage because they are afraid they’ll drool, pass gas or get an erection. These are all normal physical reactions and nothing fazes me!
  7. Improved flexibility – Massage increases flexibility. Men are typically less flexible than women, which can make them more prone to injury and muscle pain.
  8. Better sleep – About 20% of all men suffer from insomnia, an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. Insomnia is associated with a lack of the hormone called serotonin, the “feel good hormone,” which is released in the body after a massage.  The sense of relaxation and well-being you feel after a massage helps men fall asleep and spend more time in deep sleep.
  9. Cardiovascular wellness – Massage is good for heart health. Massage relaxes the body, boosts circulation and lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. All these things help reduce stress on the heart and improve cardiovascular health.
  10. Manage back pain – Men are extremely prone to lower back pain. 25% will experience lower back pain in any given three month period. Avoid surgery for back pain — massage is proven to loosen tense muscles and ease back pain in men.

Gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Book your massage today!

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